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5.5 Year Review of June 2014 Purchase

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:02 pm    Post subject: 5.5 Year Review of June 2014 Purchase Reply with quote

Back then (June of 2014) my 14 year old Lowa boots literally fell apart when the glues that attached the soles to both boots failed almost simultaneously. Truth told they'd sat on a closet rack for nearly a year prior to that.

So, I elected to try a pair of Red Wing Heritage boots, namely their Iron Rangers. I'm wearing them as I type this.

The Bad: The Iron Ranger cork soles are still holding up but they are slippery on wet floors and and on December 7th last, I stepped out of a truck onto a new driveway that was covered with transparency ice and darn near took a potentially disastrous fall. Not less that a minute later, both my oldest son and his lady each took a HARD fall within steps of having watch me almost lose it. They suffered bruising and pulled muscles... and very red faces as I had just reminded them that in 1964 my mother was killed in a similar accident.

I should also say that not 12 hours before I had bought my son a new pair of boots at Cabelas with nice Vibram soles and still he took a fall on the ice.

Other than than the "slippery when wet" soles, I still maintain that...

The Good: Those Iron Rangers are my default work boot. They offer a good solid "footing". By that I mean when I stand or step out, the footing seems to feel solid. And the flat cork soles don't track debris into the house or mark the floors in any way.

As well they are, and have been since the day I bought them, the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. They aren't water-"proof" but with a mink oil rub down every year or so they have kept my feet dry - because - if I know I'm going to be standing in water, I wear another pair of boots. For outdoor work, work around the ranch, work around sharp edges etc, they excel. The cork soles have held up much better than I imagined they would and still have a LOT of wear left in them, but if I ever have to resole them I will ask for Vibram.

For a short while Red Wing offered the same boot in a different dressier black leather and leather soles, with no lacing hooks but 100% eyelets.
The leather white thread stitching made it about the ugliest boot I've ever seen.

I told the store owner just that and added that "Its too bad the boot isn't all black and parade/dress up worthy."

"I can fix that,"
he told me. "And I'll guarantee you'll like it or your money back."

I've been wearing those as dress shoes, with my kilt, and occasionally with my tux ever since. I get "where can I get those?" comments every time I wear them. Alas, they simply are no longer available.

The "net" is that I really like the Red Wing Iron Ranger. Its pricey IMO but the value has spoken for itself over the last 5+ years. I'd buy them again without hesitation.

Oh, one more thing: several of us here shoot cowboy matches. Those matches usually require you to dress "19th" century and Iron Rangers are period correct if you can't (or don't want to wear) cowboy boots. I've moved into the age group where cowboy boots (especially period correct cowboy boots) just plain hurt my feet. The Iron Rangers and the black Beckman lace-ups serve me well in that arena.

The Iron Ranger? IMO its one heck of a work boot!

YMMV #wink

Old age aint fer sissies...
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